Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Firefighter Saves the Day

The Firefighter Saves the Day
by Cameron Fyfe, age 5

There once was a dragon who everyone thought was a bad dragon. They thought she was a bad dragon because she did something bad. She blew her fire and tried to burn a cat and a flower.
A firefighter came to the rescue. He used his fire hose and put the fire out, saving the day.
The dragon wasn't really bad though. She was pregnant and was worried that the cat and the flower were going to hurt her unborn baby. The firefighter understood that she was afraid and reassured her that no one would hurt her. Then the dragon was no longer afraid and stopped behaving badly.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Grey Cat

This is my cat Pagan. He is grey and fluffy.


Peach Rose

by Cameron, age 2

This beautiful peach rose watercolor was created from a photograph.


A Note From Cameron's Mommy

Cameron is the youngest of seven children. Some of his older siblings have blogs and stors of their own, featuring their own artwork. Cameron is a bit young still for creating drawings that will amaze and inspire others, but he and his brothers and sisters have been trying their hands at photography, and surprising me with how good they are at it.

His photography can be found in the Photography By Kids blog, alongside his brother and sisters' photography, and can be bought on gift items in the Photography By Kids store.

I have taken his photographs and converted them into watercolor prints, and, until his skills at drawing expand beyond a few scribbles, these watercolors are what will be featured here and in his store.

I hope you enjoy his endeavors as much as I do.

About Cameron's Creations

Cameron is a sweet little boy who is full of curiousity and has an innate love for life and a fascination with the world around him. Cameron is only two years old, but no one ever said a two year old can't be creative. With a combination of photography and art programs, Cameron has created some beautiful and unique art to share.

This blog is a place for him to shar ehis lovely artwork, and his shop Camerons Creations is a place for him to sell his art on a variety of gift items.